Company Policies.

Customer service is the foundation of Woodbridge Glass; we strive to be transparent in our communication and clear in our approach.


Minimum square feet charge for single glass is 2 square feet; insulated units is 4 square feet. All glass is rounded to the next even inch.


Woodbridge Glass is not responsible for glass breakage after receipt of goods.


Claims for damaged or defective glass must be made upon receipt of goods. Please notify customer service in writing and specify if you require a replacement and/or credit.


All rejected/defective glass must be returned to Woodbridge Glass in order to receive credit.


Woodbridge Glass Distribution is not responsible for damages to a customer’s own glass.


Woodbridge Glass Distribution will not accept any responsibility for back charges.


Woodbridge Glass will not honour verbal quotes. A Woodbridge Glass generated quote must accompany all POs to ensure proper invoicing.


All quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise indicated.


An energy surcharge will be charged based on the current market rate at the time of order entry.


All accounts that exceeded their credit limit/grace period may be put on hold until full payment is received.

We thank you for your continued support and remain committed to supplying your future glass requirements with quality products.

Payment Terms.

Invoice Terms

Payments in full within 30 days of invoice date (net 30).

Methods of Payment

Cash, cheque, Interact, Visa or MasterCard.

Invoice Error

Invoice pricing issues do not justify non-payment. Once we transfer the glass to you, payment must be made within our terms. Until the issue is resolved, as a minimum, please make sure a partial payment is made based on what you consider to be the correct price. Failure to make a partial payment on an invoice may result in the account being placed on hold.

Overdue Accounts

Accounts with invoices that are past due may be placed on hold and remain on hold until the full overdue amount is paid.

Over Credit Limit

If account exceeds its credit limit by more than 10%, it may be placed on hold and remain on hold until payment is received and/or the necessary credit becomes available